Scientific Program

A partial list of papers and presentations is included below; the full slate will be available soon.

Confirmed papers include:

Steve Albert (Institute for Bird Populations): Long-term Banding Data Are Providing Insights and Surprises into Bird Population Trends

Antonio Celis-Murillo (Patuxent Wildlife Research Center): Estimating the Functional Role and Quality of Stopover Sites Around the Gulf of Mexico to Inform Conservation: Integrating Knowledge from Banding and Telemetry Data

Luke DeGroote (Powdermill Avian Research Center): Opening the Black Box of Post Bird-window Collision Survival

Michelle Gianvecchio (SUNY Brockport):A Comparison of Flight Calling Responsiveness in American Redstarts and Magnolia Warblers

Maren Gimpel (Foreman’s Branch Bird Observatory, Washington College): The Importance of Collaboration – How the Foreman’s Branch Bird Observatory Contributes to Avian Research (and How You Can Too)

Lisa Kiziuk (Willistown Conservation Trust), David Brinker, Luke DeGroote, C. Scott Weidensaul, Daniel Brauning, and Stuart Mackenzie: Motus Wildlife Tracking System Expands in Mid-Atlantic States

Alison Kocek (SUNY-ESF): A Novel Means to Passively Identify Individual Birds Attending Nests

Laura-Marie Koitsch & Sarah Sargent (Erie Bird Observatory): Help, There’s a Lake in my Way! Now, What? . . . Investigating the Spring Stopover Ecology of Three Passerine Species along the Pennsylvania Shoreline of Lake Erie

Michelle Stantial and Jonathan Cohen (SUNY-ESF): Automated Telemetry for Monitoring Nocturnal Behavior of Breeding Piping Plovers on the Atlantic Coast

Confirmed posters include:

Molly Border (Rochester Institute of Technology), Katherine Hensel, Chad Seewagen and Susan Smith Pagano: Does Japanese Barberry Affect the Breeding Physiology of Male Ovenbirds?

Annie Crary (University of Toledo), Luke DeGroote, Mark Shieldcastle, and Henry Streby: Refeuling Performance in Migratory Songbirds at Two Long-term Bird Banding Sites

Gretchen Horst (Rochester Institute of Technology), Katherine Hensel, Erica Delles, Andrea Patterson, and Susan Smith Pagano: Invasive Honeysuckle’s Impact on Avian Frugivores – Insights from Feather Reflectance and Nutritional Biochemistry

Carter Moleski (Rochester Institute of Technology), Gretchen Horst, and Susan Smith Pagano: A Molecular Sexing Protocol Optimized for Migratory Passerines

Veronica Schabert (Canisius College), Kelly Roberts, Andrea Patterson and Kristen Covino: Age-specific Variation Between Migration Patterns of the Common Yellowthroat

Jeffrey A. Spendelow (Patuxent Wildlife Research Center): Evaluating current limiting factors and future threats to recovery of endangered Roseate Terns

Caitlin Welsh (University of Pennsylvania): Using a Motus-based Curriculum to Foster Conservation Learning