The North American Banding Council will host a series of workshops on Friday and Saturday aimed at promoting sound and ethical banding principles and techniques across several taxa.  There is no additional fee for these workshops, and except where noted, require no advance registration.

The Saturday slate of workshops is still in development; current workshops under consideration are listed below.  If you have a suggestion, let us know.  We are especially looking for ideas relevant to waterfowl, raptor, shorebird, and hummingbird banders.


Friday, April 12

7:00 AM – 11:00 AM        Best Practices Workshop – Passerine Banding (BBBO) *

This hands-on workshop will take place at the Braddock Bay Bird Observatory.  Participants will have the opportunity to work with NABC-certified Trainers on a variety of best practices at the net and at the banding table.  Depending on the skill level and needs of the participants, we may work on safe handling, the body-grasp method of net extraction, taking accurate measurements, and using Pyle effectively.  There will be some focus on ageing and sexing, but note that expected captures are primarily kinglets, creepers, and early thrushes and sparrows. The workshop is limited to 6 participants, and pre-registration is required.

Saturday, April 13

2:00 PM – 4:30 PM           NABC Workshops (GCP – Millennium Lodge)

101 Ways to Set Up a Mist Net
Measurement Clinic
10 Gadgets You Didn’t Know You Needed
Band Removal
Aging Woodpeckers
Avian First Aid

* Pre-registration required